Mandevilla- Dipladenia

The Mandevilla is a family of plants containing the famous Sundavilla. These plants will bloom in spring and won't stop until it first starts freezing again in early winter. Caring for these plants is rather simple, which is convenient. This is the same for the Sundavilla, Dipladenia, Rio and Mandevilla. They all belong to the same family, meaning they are genetically pretty much identical. They all carry the positive aspects of the Sundavilla.


  • The Mandevilla prefers a place in the sunlight. Placing the plant in the sun is preferred.
  • The more light the plant gets, the more flowers will bloom. Meaning a lot of light equals a beautiful plant!
  • Make sure the plant is watered regularly. Once a day during the summer. In autumn you can start reducing this amount.
  • Make sure the soil around the roots does not stay wet, this can cause the roots to rot.
  • Make sure to give the plant liquid plant food between the periods of April 1st and September 1st.
  • You can prune the branches you deem to be too long.
  • The plant is not suited for winter environments. This means that as soon as it starts freezing during night time it is best to keep the plant inside from then on.
  • Make sure the plant is in a place with a lot of light and a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celcius. Also make sure the plant gets a sufficient amount of water, but not too much!
  • If you want to prune a lot of parts of the plant, make sure to do this around the end of January. The days are starting to get longer again in this period and the plant will become more active and grow faster.

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